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Goat Farming

India has a typical practice of trading the goats live either directly to consumers,roaming small butchers, or in the weekly markets. Goat meat is of particular importance in Asia which consumes 65% of the goat meat produced in the world. The breeding stock fetches almost 200% prices. The other goat products are never produced by anybody or marketed. However, the demand is tremendous.

 Goat farming in India has been practiced using traditional and conventional methods for centuries . Capacious Goat Farm has adopted and implemented modern and systematic scientific methods to make goat farming a more commercially viable proposition. All goats are grown systematically in hygienic conditions. The professionally trained staff at Capacious Goat Farm ensures the proper management of data and record keeping tracking the progress and growth of each goat. Regular medical-checks and vaccinations ensure the goats stay healthy and disease free.

Goat is the 1st domesticated animal in the ancient age and is a Poor Man's Cow.

Because the goat meat is lean & has low fat, it is liked by all. The demand of goat meat is increasing, even though the price is high.

They are profitable under stall fed condition.

They are Prolific. They give twins & triplets.

Capital Investment of purchase of Goats is very low. For a price of 1 cross-bred Cow, one can purchase 10 quality goats.

Goats & their kids can be sold and encashed anytime. They are like bearer blank cheques.

Goat has shorter period of pregnancy. (Short Gestation Period )

They are resistant to diseases. Since they are stall fed, the expenditure on Medication/ treatment is marginal.

Their population in the country is continuously increasing, though 60% of the goats are slaughtered every year.

Products available from Goats are MUTTON / MILK / MANURE / SKIN & LUSTROUS FINE HAIR.

Cognizable foreign exchange is available from export of live Goats/carcasses/goat meat/skin. The farmer is bringing additional fallow lands under cultivation. Cities & Villages are also expanding fast & because of this the grazing land is decreasing day by day.Therefore a necessity has arisen to continue to maintain the goats by way of Stall Fed System.

1Manure available from 1 adult goat in 24 hours - 1 kg...
Total life of Goats = 15 years...Productive -- 7 years. Pregnancy Period {Total = 150 days } +/- 2 days.

Mortality in percentage overall is 3% {with proper management} The vaccination & deworming schedule to be followed strictly.
Indian meat is preferred in the world.

Stall fed Goats are more profitable than open grazed Goats for the following reasons:-

•  Conservation of energy, which otherwise the animal would have wasted in hunting after the fodder.

•   Better conversion of energy, available from feed & fodder into flesh and milk

•  Prevention of indiscriminate grazing, thereby offering optimum scope for re-growth of fodder.

•   Prevention of Uncontrolled Mating

•   Better collection & Utilization of Manure.

•  Goats & their kids can be sold and encashed anytime. They are like bearer blank cheques.

•  Control & reduction of parasitic re-infestation

•   Close supervision & easy management.

•   Easy access for record keeping

•   No danger from Wild animals.